"I couldn't decide to be a large animal veterinarian or a fashion designer."

Heathermarie grew up as a fourth generation farmer’s daughter in a small farming community in Eastern Washington where family values, belief in her convictions, and a strong work ethic were ingrained in her.  As a result she confidently developed her own fashion sense combining her native american indian and farm girl roots into functional and stylish looks. With a degree in Fashion from Washington State University.

Heathermarie packed her pick up truck and lived along the Pacific Coast Highway until she made a fateful phone call that began her career as a wardrobe stylist in LA. Heathermarie has traveled the world over dressing musicians and actors for commercials, fashion editorials, and music videos.  Although her career taken her many places, the call of the rolling wheat fields, cattle, and family bring Heathermarie home every summer with her three boys where they are immersed in her farming and indian roots.

Heathermarie, a simple tomboy at heart, now lives in Mexico City with her husband and three boys where she designs shoes that combine fashion, form, and function while incorporating her values and beliefs of using natural and recycled products. All materials are hand picked and designed by Heathermarie and handcrafted in Mexico City with her favorite artisans who have become like family. After years of developing her designs, Heathermarie shares with you today her ‘soleful’ creations.